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Bunch Projects has over 30 years of pipeline construction and installation experience throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Bunch has the capability, experience and resources to construct and install all types of pipelines ranging from small diameter to eight inch and up to 30 km per pipeline, including:

  • Carbon Steel Pipeline Construction and Installation;
  • Fiberglass Pipeline Construction and Installation;
  • High Density Polyethylene Pipe Construction and Installation;
  • Flex Pipe Installation;and,
  • Flex Steel Installation.

Bunch Projects will assist our clients in all steps of pipeline construction and installation.

  • Develop budgets;
  • Completing site visits and assist with pipeline routing;
  • Developing equipment and manpower loading schedules;
  • Sources materials and subcontractors (Bunch prequalifies all of our material vendors and subcontractors to ensure they meet our standards);
  • Participate in all client meetings including scoping, landowner consultation, pre-jobs, progress and post-mortem;
  • Logging and clearing of the right-of-way (Ask more about Bunch’s list of prequalified Logging vendors throughout Alberta);
  • Burning of non-salvageable timber;
  • Stripping surface soils including topsoil and subsoil;
  • Stringing, bending and welding pipe up to 8″;
  • Horizontal and Direction Boring Support (Please contact us regarding our list of approved drilling vendors);
  • Coating the pipeline;
  • Installing RockGuard (as required);
  • Lowering and tying in the pipeline;
  • Backfilling the trench;
  • Testing (Hydrostatic or Gas);
  • Commissioning the pipeline;
  • Final right of way clean-up, surface soil replacement and placing rollback as required.

For more information regarding Bunch’s pipeline construction and installation division please contact us at

Integrity Digs

Bunch has experience completing integrity digs for any size and type of pipe and currently assists some of the largest pipeline companies in North America.

For more information regarding Integrity Digs please contact us at

Pipeline Reclamation

  • Assessing pipeline right-of-way condition;
  • Assist Environmental Consultants with developing a reclamation strategy and budget;
  • Complete reclamation activities.

For more information regarding our pipeline reclamation services please contact us at